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International Cinematographers Guild vows solidarity in light of Supreme Court threat to labor rights

Story by Mary Ann Skweres | June 28, 2018

Steven Poster, National President of the International Cinematographers Guild.

The effects of Mitch McConnell blocking President Obama's centrist Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, from a vote in the senate is having wide ranging effects. Among those effects is the latest anti-labor related 5-4 Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME that overturned 40-years of precedent requiring non-union public sector members to pay their "fair share" for the services and collective bargaining provided by their union.

International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600) National President Steven Poster reacted to the ruling, "Donald Trump's Supreme Court issued a decision that strikes a blow at the heart of trade unionism...This is the latest assault by billionaires and right-wing activists intended to weaken the influence of all working people. But make no mistake, Local 600 will not back down. We will stand with our sisters and brothers in labor to fight for our members' ability to join together and take care of their families. We will continue to organize in right-to-work states to make sure our workplaces are safe, to ensure that we are paid fair wages, to provide families with healthcare and to guarantee that we have a voice on the job. Because when working people stand together, we win."

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